Clinical Evidence


Melanin content in skin cells 5 days after treatment


It is shown that the melanin content in all the skin cells is lesser as compared to the baseline. The test using Thiospot (combination of 3 ingredients) displayed the most significant decrease in melanin content.

With this, we can conclude that Thiospot can effectively decrease melanin content in the skin, improving the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

The comparison of cell vitality and effectiveness in melanin content reduction between Thiospot Intensive and Hydroquinone 4%


Three concentrations were used to test the cell vitality and effectiveness between Thiospot Intensive and Hydroquinone 4%. It was observed that the effectiveness in decreasing the melanin content using Thiospot Intensive is higher throughout all three tests without having to compromise on the cell vitality. As the concentration increase, cell vitality for Hydroquinone 4% was severely affected and there was a significant decrease in efficacy.

This study shows that Thiospot Intensive in more superior as compared to Hydroquinone 4% for both cell vitality and effectiveness in decreasing melanin in the cells.

Data on file General Topics: ABICH 2012